Jumping the Median

“Sido and Larsen are fervently funny….”
– Los Angeles Times

Robots Vs Fake Robots

“Especially effective are the moving performances of Sarah Sido as the robot whore and Darvish….”
– Santa Monica Mirror

“The ensemble, particularly the cast of often unbearably cruel robot beauties, is enthralling.”
– LA Weekly

The Crucible

“Sarah Sido, who plays Proctor’s former lover, delivers a resonant performance.”
– Los Angeles Times

“The Proctor serving girl, Abigail, however, is handled with startling intensity by Sarah Sido.  She’s effective and eminently watchable….  Her commitment is exemplary.”
– Backstage West


Ad Age Interview

An interview in Advertising Age – full piece here.

My brother, Mayor Miro Weinberger, and I talk to Fox 44 in Burlington about my upcoming role on Gang Related.

Backstage interview

Talking about in Backstage.

Your Industry Insider interview

An interview about on Your Industry Insider