Sarah_Sido_1423Sarah recently appeared on Showtime’s Masters of Sex and Fox’s Gang Related.¬†Her recent films Happy Baby, After Adderal, and Neither Wolf nor Dog, will all be hitting the festival circuit soon. Whether playing a heroin-addicted seductress in Happy Baby, a powerful banker on Gang Related, or a grieving mother on Masters of Sex, her characters think dangerously, feel deeply, and are willing to play rough.

Sarah grew up in the mountains of Vermont and began her professional career when an internship with Off-Broadway’s Manhattan Theatre Club brought her to New York City. She then toured the country with The National Shakespeare Company and appeared in Bloody Poetry, playing the mistress to Byron and Shelley, at the Classic Stage Company Off-Broadway. When a play she was appearing in, Greg Gasawski’s Columbus Day, transferred to LA, she decided to stay. She quickly found work playing a self-absorbed charity worker in the comedy feature Lollilove (directed by Jenna Fischer) and guest-starring as a mysterious club-goer on Without a Trace. Sarah is happy to have found a creative home in the Los Angeles theater, having acted with Evidence Room, Push to Talk, and International City Theater, among many others. She has also appeared in many national commercial campaigns.

In addition to her work on stage and in front of the camera, Sarah loves the playfulness of working in voice-over. She voiced a skate-boarder in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, a soldier in Metal Gear Solid 4, and can oft be heard on the radio telling you about the newest items at McDonald’s.

While she desperately misses the mountains of Vermont, Sarah is happy to have put down roots in the hills of Echo Park. When not working, she can be found pouring over cook books and finding new meaning in ‘playing rough’ as she tries in vain to keep up with her young son.

Download¬†Sarah’s resume here.