Sarah_Sido_1065Welcome! I’m Sarah Sido. I recently appeared on Showtime’s Masters of Sex and Fox’s Gang Related along with a whole slew of commercials. My recent films Happy Baby, After Adderal, and Neither Wolf nor Dog will all be hitting the festival circuit soon.

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New headshots

I always breathe a huge sigh of relief when a new headshot session is over with and photos chosen. I do not find it fun to stare at hundreds of pictures of myself, agonizing over which convey my essence and castability the very best. But it’s done! And my representatives are happy! So here they are. I’m delighted to send them out into the world. May they bring back all kinds of opportunities and work.

All photos by Kenneth Dolin.



I did my own stunts! Well, not the actual crash, but all the flipping around for the interior shots. I actually found it pretty fun.

More importantly, watch it and remember the message.


A commercial with the heart of a film

I truly loved working on this Zillow commercial and the final project is so sweet. It felt like we were shooting a feature and I really didn’t want the shoot to come to an end. Give it a watch (and if you are so prone, have tissues handy).

*Update* – The video of this commercial is no longer available.


A part of something so beautiful

My episode, #203, of Masters of Sex aired this past Sunday, July 27th. When I read the script, I was absolutely stunned by the beauty of the writing and I was not alone. The twitterverse was blown away and seeing the positive messages pour in over social media was pretty exciting. I’m honored to have played a role in such a gorgeously crafted and well received piece. I’ll be adding footage to my reel this week, so stay tuned.


Shooting Masters of Sex

Yesterday. Yesterday was one of those days that not only makes you remember why you became an actor in the first place, but reignites the fire and the drive. I spent the day shooting two scenes for the remarkable show Masters of Sex. The script was beautiful, the scene meaty, working with the actors and director – simply amazing.


Gang Related is almost here

Gang Related, a new show on Fox, will premier on May 22nd. I had the pleasure of shooting the fifth episode of the season opposite Jay Hernandez and Philip Anthony-Rodriguez, directed by Milan Cheylov, back in the fall. Here’s the teaser to wet your appetite.